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His wife, who had previously been institutionalized after a car accident, has been locked in a psychiatric ward for the past 10 years. When John receives a visit from a real estate agent showing the vacant lot next to his home, he can’t seem to keep the man from coming inside. And what happens next, will change both of their lives. Plot The story is set in a remote mountain town where a pair of retired Special Forces officers, John Matrix (Hemsworth) and Holly Stewart (Diaz), have been living with their daughter Jenny (Davis) in a secluded home. A real estate agent (McCord) is showing the lot next to the house with a video camera for a potential client. After some questions from the agent, John and Holly leave the room and when John returns, he locks himself out of the house and so he returns to the back porch where he hears someone knocking at the door. John answers the door and lets the man inside. The man introduces himself as “Joe” and tells John that he is a real estate agent and that Joe would like to buy the lot next to his house, John just wants to sell it. Joe has an offer for the lot but he wants to buy it, Joe offers to add a tennis court and an outhouse to the lot and, in return, John will sell it to him. Over the course of the next few months, John and Joe become friends. Joe does not have the funds to make the offer that John wants but John agrees to meet Joe at a local bar and to give him the chance to put the offer together. When John and Holly come home, they see Joe at the house and John tells Joe that he needs time to think about the offer. When Joe leaves, John tells Holly that he has decided to accept the offer. Joe comes to the house the following day with an offer from his law firm. The offer is for $130,000 and has no contingencies. When Joe tells John that the money is there, the whole household decides to take the money and sign the contracts. When John goes to sign, he notices that the document is not legible but Joe gives him a pen that has been modified to work in the ink cartridge. As John signs it, the ink cartridge also makes it through Joe’s security screenings and is now worth about $26 million. The following day, Joe comes to the house to talk to John about a deal




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Commando Full Movie Free Download Utorrent

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